Orange Essential Oil

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This pure essential oil is indicated for balancing the nervous system and is sweet and refreshing. This orange oil smells just like a ripe orange. It is known to be helpful for anxiety, depression, sadness, digestive upsets and purifying the lymphatic system. It is a great degreaser and deodorizer and helps with acne/oily skin and can be used as a deoderant.

Botanical Name: Citrus Sinensis

Origin: USA

Part of plant: Rind

Extraction Source: Cold Pressed

 Directions for use: Drop 10-20 drops into bath water or bath salts for a soothing bath, rub 1-2 drops into feet or underarms, drop into room diffuser, place 10-20 drops on vacuum filter before vacuuming, drop 1-3 drops into bath water for children to assist sleep, place 1-2 drops on a tissue and place under pillow case. *Always use caution with essential oils and use 1 drop at a time to tolerance. This oil is not intended to be ingested. For external use only.