ADHD Support



  • Imagine you or your child getting through a whole day without feeling scattered, overwhelmed or disinterested in the tasks at hand...
  • Imagine staying focused long enough to complete an exam and then finding out that you have not just passed but scored a high grade...

 That is what FOCUS has done for others with conditions such as ADD and ADHD, anxiety, insomnia, restlessness and stress. FOCUS works best when  applied to the body, particularly in the pulse points, on the soles of the feet and along the spine. It is also very helpful to inhale the scent repeatedly throughout the day for maximum effect.  

FOCUS is made with a winning combination of pure essential oils including spearmint, rosemary, basil and vetiver to calm the body and speed blood flow to the brain.* As such, it is best used during the day for concentration. Focus balances the metal element. Read more about the Metal Element in Chinese Medicine. 

For restlessness at night or anxiety, see our formulas: STRENGTH and PEACE

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*Because essential oils are not regulated by the FDA, they can not be considered a drug and as such, no claim is made to guarantee that these formulas will work for everyone, and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illness or injury. 


Testimonial from a pleased parent: 

“Dear Jakki,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank  you for your recommendations with my son, Jesse.  Jesse is a very active  12 year old boy, who was diagnosed in 3rd grade with ADHD.   He was placed on Concerta at that time to help him to concentrate and  focus in school and extra-curricular activities.  Over the next 2 ½  years, Jesse’s grades improved greatly on the medicine that he was on.   However, he lost weight, was lethargic and had a hard time falling  asleep at bedtime.  His growth was also slowed due to the side effects  of the medicine.  We tried a different medicine, Straterra, and while  some of the side effects were reduced, he was still very tired and  struggled to keep on weight.  Last May, Jesse and I together decided to  stop the medicine to see if he could somehow regulate his ADHD symptoms  on our own. 

During a visit to Body Logic for a massage  the day after we went off the medication, you and I discussed Jesse’s  struggles with his ADHD and our decision.  You suggested we try two  aromatherapy blends you had created.  The blends were called Focus and  Calm.  Jesse and I were both very excited to try to herbal methods, as  we were both determined not to go back on the medicine, but were also  apprehensive that school and activities would be adversely affected  during the transition.  You instructed Jesse to dab the oils on his  wrists and the bottoms of his feet 3-4 times each day.  You also gave  him a shower gel of the Focus blend to use daily.

Jesse and I quickly noticed the benefits  from the blends you had given us.  He was calmer, more social, and much  less lethargic.  Even his sister noticed the difference in him.  And  being off the medicine immediately increased his appetite.

I am so happy to report that today Jesse is  a healthy, very active boy. His weight is stable, his growth is back on  track and he looks so much healthier.  I firmly believe that without  your suggestions and guidance, Jesse would not have made such a smooth  transition to being non-medicated.

Thank you so much for sharing your  knowledge and your blends with us.  I am so thankful to have my son back.


Dawn, Bel Air, MD”