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Our Fragrances

Divine Creations aromas were crafted with love for humanity and all things natural by a Certified Aromatherapist to enhance the emotional spirit and enliven the physical body. Our essential oil blends are created with the purest grade oils from plants grown in the ideal climate for maximum quality. Many of our formulas are infused with the energy of healing crystals or semi-precious stones for extra support. Utilizing scientific research combined with Divine guidance and ancient wisdom, these formulas nurture the body and spirit simultaneously, powerfully addressing several symptoms at once and delivering results.

For example, if you use Decongest, it will open a stuffy nose and but will also release pent up grief, allowing a sense of comfort and support. If you are suffering heartache, the Love blend will help you will feel comforted and also relax the body to get needed rest. We are all as individual as our fingerprints and yet we still have similar emotions. These blends capture the essence of the emotion and relay it to you through your sense of smell. Take a deep breath and feel the immediate effect take place, as you shift your focus to your own sense of greater well- being.  

Custom formulations are also available.


Our Products

All of our products: lotions, butters, skin care products,  roll-ons, room sprays, bath salts, liquid soap , cleaning products and of course our pure essential oils blends are made with our natural fragrances.

Our Essences are classified into 4 categories


Elements Mood Blancing Fragrances   

MOOD BALANCING FRAGRANCES affect the mental/emotional state by utilizing specific oils for specific purposes. As scent is tied strongly to memory, the value of each blend for each purpose depends on the preference of the user. The scents were designed around the concept of balancing the energies in the body. These concepts were developed by ancient traditions of  AYURVEDIC and CHINESE medicine 
Elements Roll-ons
MED-ESSENCE BLENDS are synergies of oils specific to physical ailments. These are blends for sinus conditions, colds/flu, pain relief and detoxifying.



    ANGELIC ESSENCES are Divinely guided blends for the purpose of connecting to these great spiritual forces. Each ANGEL has a specific purpose to assist us on our path and should be called upon while using these blends. 

    angelic essences



    PEACE AND LOVE are THE NEWEST FRAGRANCES. Peace is used for anxiety, stress, grounding and calming and sleep. Love is designed to instill unconditional love for self and others and help heal from past heartache.




    SPECIALTY HOME & BODY CARE includes  SQUEAKY CLEAN our natural household cleaner, BABY FACE, RADIANCE & SKIN RESCUE-  natural anti-aging and skin treatment products, and SATISFIED- our sensual aphrodisiac fragrance. 






     * As with any natural product, variations in scent, quality or effect is possible and we make every effort to ensure consistency. We make no claims to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These products or statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.