ELEMENTS Mood Balancing Fragrances

All of our Essential Oil Mood Balancing scents were developed based on ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic healing traditions.

They believed that nature's elements are reflected in our bodies by our thoughts, actions & feelings. At any time, one element may dominate, ie feeling frustration is an imbalance of the Wood Element. This dominance fluctuates with daily events.

Striving for balance in all - fire, water, air, metal, earth and wood– is the goal for achieving good health.

Here at Divine Creations, we have created 100% Pure Essential Oil fragrances to balance these emotions. Keep your favorite scents on hand and you'll not only smell good but you'll feel good too! Start your day right with a spiritual practice: 

*** When one scent smells better than the rest, that is the balance you need.**

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Symptoms Balancing Scents

  • Feeling burdened
  • Feeling alone and unsupported
  • Lack of belief in/angry with the higher power

All Angel Essences


  • Inability to let go of things or difficulty forming attachments
  • Resistance to change
  • Mentally scattered




  • Difficulty expressing oneself
  • Anger/explosive temper or restraint of anger
  • Shallow Breathing


Breathe Ez

  • Too active, doing too much
  • Bending too much to others' needs
  • Impatient, uptight
  • Suffering a break-up




  • Lack confidence, self esteem
  • Feeling sad, un-purposeful
  • Lethargic, low energy levels


  • Unmotivated, low will power
  • Decreased sexual drive
  • Untrusting, suspicious, fearful
  • Controlling, strong willed


Let it Flow

  • Anxiety, Overthinking, Nervousness
  • Too much attention to detail
  • Worry, over-concern
  • Weight/nourishment issues