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I am teaching a weekly group healing class Starting February 5th from 730-830 in Waretown, NJ and Online

Join us in a weekly discussion on topics related to reducing stress. Learn:

- what your triggers to stress are and how to manage them

- self-care techniques like self-massage, breathing and nutrition

- a process to release past traumas.

- meditation

- relaxing movement like Qi Gong and soul dance

- energy clearing techniques

- the therapeutic use of essential oils

- communication techniques

- your power in relationship dynamics

Donation- $10 weekly

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Want to expand your understanding of our products, get motivated, navigate life, improve self-esteem, create more positive experiences and learn ways to prevent and relieve pain? Catch me every week on YOUTUBE with a new tip or message for the week to help you expand your bliss and create your Heaven on Earth!

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 If you’re not getting the love you deserve, it’s vital to begin where it’s needed the most– with YOURSELF!

If you are feeling depleted, spread too thin, not appreciated, lonely,  worried, taken advantage of, or are simply not getting what you want, join us in this 2 hr workshop in person or in the comfort of your home via a LIVE broadcast to explore ways to feel loved and honor yourself.

Loving ourselves is often the most challenging part of life, especially when it is not taught by our caretakers or in schools. Instead we are taught how to please others: at work, at home, in society, etc. Women are at particular risk of giving it all away and losing a sense of self.  Come replenish and have some fun!  


By the end, you will feel more:

¨ Grounded and relaxed

¨ Confident

¨ Secure

¨ Positive and enthusiastic

¨ Light and happy

¨ Pampered

¨ Loved & Supported


Come PLAY with US! $25 includes 2 hr “playshop” and pampering products

 At: Island Wellness Center, 2517 LB Blvd, Spray Beach, NJ                                          or Tune in online (details will be emailed).

When: Sunday, Feb 11th 11 am, Come at 10 am for yoga with Malia (extra)


At: Tree of Life Massage & Wellness 465 Rt 9, Waretown, NJ                                          or Tune in online (details will be emailed).

When: Saturday, Feb 10th 10 am, Mon. Feb 12th 7 pm or Wed Feb 14th 10 am

 Advance registration is required as space is limited. Cash, check or credit cards accepted.



NEW RETREAT coming for 2018. Stay Tuned! 


 On Going Healing Sessions and Classes

 journey into joy

Journey into Joy is a process to transform you from where you are in life to where you really want to be. Through workshops, webinars, and retreats, we teach you the steps to open up your mind, body and spirit to the opportunity. So if you're open & ready to dance with life, to free your spirit, to be in love with life, or to live with passion, then you're right where you're meant to be - and this is where the "real" fun begins....WITH US!

This program is being brought to you By Jakki in conjunction with 2 colleagues:
Colleen Humphries Law of Attraction and Success Coach
for more info go to JOURNEYINTOJOY.COM





This is a VERY POWERFUL program chock full of valuable information about life that you weren't taught as a child.

This program is for you if you are needing:

  • Direction
  • Understanding of your life path
  • Motivation
  • Strength to change what you don't like in your life
  • More love in relationships
  • Pain relief
  • Abundance/prosperity
  • To feel satisfied with your life
  • To feel lighter
  • To heighten your intuition
  • To make decisions with more ease
  • To understand why things have "happened" to you
  • To get control and manifest your desires
  • To release struggles of the past
  • To relieve stress
  • To feel happier
  • To have someone guide you through the challenges of life
  • To feel like a winner

My colleagues, Pam and Colleen and I are bringing together all of our expertise to elevate you to new heights! We will be helping you dig out of wherever you are that is causing you discomfort, helping you align with your higher purpose, empowering you to live the life of your dreams and enabling you to have a clearer vision for your future. If you are at a cross-roads and need some guidance, YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS!

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