Lotion, Body Oils & Massage Cream

Treat your skin the way it should be treated! with TLC!
Our skin care formulas are as pure as they can get and they get the job done right! With nourishing oils like avocado and olive, protecting oils like grapeseed and jojoba and anti-inflammatory ingredients like shea butter, aloe and calendula, these products not only nurture your outer layer, they protect your inner layers like your heart, liver and intestines. You see, whatever you put on your skin ends up inside your body where your liver works to process whatever ingredients are in your products. So when you use a product with chemicals that aren't natural, you are putting your total health at risk. Symptoms like allergies, inflammation, pain and even cancer can result from using toxic chemicals in your skin care products.
Our formulas were created by following the a strict level of consciousness to avoid the potential health risks involved with skin care ingredients. We have provided a variety of products that rank 0-1 on the Environmental Working Group (EWG) scale for safety in cosmetics. Their intense research allows us to continue to give you a product you can depend on for purity, potency and safety. They are even safe for cancer patients.
Allow us to share with you our excitement for inner and outer beauty and try one of our proprietary formulas for your skin care regimen today!