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Jakki Gioia, Founder 






For over 10 years Divine Creations Aromatherapy (DCA) has been providing natural “remedies” for common complaints through the use of pure essential oils and healthy skin care products. All of our essential oils are of the highest quality- ethically farmed, wild-crafted or organic- and are chosen for their specific scent characteristic and growing region.

Divine Creations inspires the use of essential oils as natural perfume for the health and safety of all. Divine Creations creates and sees a world where children and pets may have less toxicity and better air quality inside the home because of more natural ingredients and fewer chemicals.

Divine Creations products are made with:

  • 100% natural, organic & ethically farmed essential oils and all skin healthy ingredients
  • Raw materials sourced for potency, purity, consistency & good ecological farming practices
  • No sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, propylene glycol, petrolatum, BHT, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, or animal testing
  • Reiki universal life energy, crystal energy & sacred geometry infused into each blend for sustained & effective healing
  • Ecologically sound recyclable packaging material

What makes us unique

  • Simply put, our products WORK and they SMELL GREAT!

Many other essential oil formulas on the market claim to work but very often, they don't smell good at all. It is our belief that an aromatherapy product should suit both needs.  Everyone who smells our blends has the same reaction, "WOW they all smell good! Now I just need to figure out which one I need today."

  • Our formulas were designed to be worn as natural perfumes, very suitable for people with allergies to synthetic fragrances. 

Many mainstream "aromatherapy" products contain "fragrance" or synthetic compounds to make them last longer on the skin. These chemicals can cause allergies and liver congestion. 

  • Our formulas were designed by a healer and certified aromatherapist with 20+ years experience.

We offer Personal consultations to help determine your specific needs. We are always available via phone or Skype.

  • Our formulas are high vibration, handmade and infused with Reiki energy- a difference you can truly feel!


Divine Creations Aromatherapy was founded by Jakki Gioia (pronounced Joya) in 2010 as a way to bring physical and emotional healing to others through convenient use of essential oils. 

Jakki developed this aromatherapy line and bodywork treatments using them starting in 2004 at her former business, Body Logic Wellness Spa in Bel Air, Maryland and continued to offer them after the close of the business due to demand by the clients and practitioners.

After a while, Jakki realized her empathic ability to feel what others are feeling and to connect with higher vibration beings (angels) in meditation so she developed the angel essences and continues to use this gift to create custom "Soul Essences" for individuals.   

Along with hand-making this product line, Jakki still offers her healing services with focus on custom fragrance blending, stress management classes, Reiki healing, spiritual life coaching and a mind-body acupressure technique called Jin Shin Do. 

In practice since 1995, she has been trained in over a dozen healing methods and holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in Dance from Towson University, a National Certification in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, a certification in Spiritual Life Coaching and is a Registered Jin Shin Do practitioner.

An injured dancer, Jakki has used her experience and knowledge of the body to teach others how to properly care for their bodies to alleviate stress and pain. Her self- help book: Follow the Signs, is also an extension of her healing work. She is also a singer/songwriter with inspirational works that evoke an emotional response.

Through classes, healing sessions and the aroma products, she works to help others understand the source of their pain and to take a more proactive role in their spiritual, physical and emotional well-being.

"I believe that as Divinely created individuals we have a right and an ability to heal ourselves. Since 1995, it has been my mission to provide wellness tools and services  to balance the body, mind, & spirit and, in particular, to relieve pain.  My philosophies are rooted in ancient healing traditions which considered treating the body as a whole- a “wholistic” approach. As a Life Coach, Massage Therapist and Aromatherapist, my task has always been to empower individuals to make proper decisions for their well-being. I have found that empowerment begins with one thing- LOVING ONESELF. Whether it be exercise, eating right, getting relaxation therapies or taking hot baths, all of these choices are acts of LOVE. All of my products and services are designed to support that theme, so that through LOVE, soulful healing can take place and JOY can resonate." Jakki Gioia 

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