Pure Essential Oils



 These oil blends were created for a specific purpose. To determine which scent is right for you, go to choose your scent 


We take proper care to clean and charge our crystals prior to infusing them into the blends


Essential oils work by inhalation because they are readily absorbed into the bloodstream by inhalation. By topical application, they are also absorbed into the bloodstream because they penetrate the skin to the first layer. It is because of their potency that caution should always be taken when using pure essential oils.

        Because of their volatility, a blend of oils will diffuse at different rates often allowing the lighter scents to evaporate first and leaving the heavier scents to linger. (For example, a blend with lemon, lavender and sandalwood when diffused with a heat source such as a candle diffuser will reveal the lemon scent first, then the lavender, then the sandalwood.) That is why it is recommended to mix your blend with a carrier so it will last longer on your skin.

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Our essential oils blends are created with the purest grade oils from plants grown in the ideal climate for maximum quality. Many of our formulas are infused with the energy of healing crystals or semi-precious stones for extra support. Years of practical use and research went into each formula to ensure effectiveness. Our blends are named for what they do, so choosing the right blend should be easy.


What to do with essential oils:

Dilute  in massage oil, shower gel, body lotion, bath salts, etc.

Drop  in bath water (makes a giant diffuser)

Diffuse  into the air with a professional diffuser

Drop In a humidifier or steaming hot pot of water for inhalation

Put on a hot or cool compress

Wear as a perfume when mixed with a carried oil or alcohol base

Drop on a tissue and placed under the pillowcase for enhanced sleep

 Apply directly to the skin (*use only those oils advised by a professional*)

Put 10 drops on vacuum cleaner filter to diffuse scent as you vacuum 

Drop into shoes to deodorize