Squeaky Clean




 Cleaning Has never been so much FUN!

Squeaky Clean Natural Cleanser/Degreaser makes your everyday tasks seem like play! With its lemony-mint scent, it’s uplifting and non-toxic with all natural ingredients.  Great smelling fresh scent includes natural disinfectants: lemon, lavender, peppermint, thyme, tea tree and oregano or cinnamon, orange and savory in our holiday scent.

Scientists estimate that 80% of our exposure to pollutants is found in the home from our chemical based cleaners. Our bodies are at risk every time we use these products.

Squeaky Clean is
· Safe to breathe because it contains NO harmful chemicals, only a natural, environment friendly cleanser made with pure, ethically farmed and organic essential oils known for their antiseptic, ant-viral and anti-fungal properties. Imagine getting an immune boost every time you clean!
· Safe for use with children and pets. Use this spray to clean and disinfect children’s toys and sealed furniture and know that anything you’ve cleaned with Squeaky that they put in their mouths is preventing disease. Also use Squeaky to remove pet stains from carpet (spot treat first). Minimal concern if ingested.
· Safe for counters– granite, silestone, formica and tile included.

· GREAT on

  • greasy stoves
  • all counters
  • stainless steel
  • cabinets
  • appliances
  • tile and wood floor
  • sinks
  • toilets
  • doorknobs, trash cans, 
  • children's toys
  • yoga mats and other gym equipment
  • carpet stains (always spot test)
  • car rims and interior
  • patio furniture
  • all other non-porous surfaces
  • Has been shown to easily remove labels, even those that have been dried on (like on new windows and doors)
  • kills and prevents ants 

 Use full-strength concentrate on your toughest stains or baked on grease.

Available in 24 oz spray size and 8 oz concentrate.





“I LOVE my Squeaky Clean! My house smells so good when I’m done cleaning! My realtor even commented on how Fresh and Clean my house smelled and wanted to know what I used.” - Patti, Bel Air, MD

“You know those labels that come on new windows that you typically have to scrape off with a razor blade? Squeaky took them right off with NO scraping! Just a spray and they wiped clean! I LOVE this stuff!”- Pam, Fallston, MD


"I am not one to spend alot of money on every new fangled cleaning product out there. Plus I hate to clean. Well can I tell you this is my only go to cleaning product that I ever use now! I can brag about how great it is but you can only believe it if you use it. I will give you the best example. You know how the vents on your microwave or over your stove always have grimy film? And no matter what you do its always still there? So I figured why not give it a try with this Squeaky Clean. Well after that 1 try I was hooked. The grimey greasy film wiped right off with no effort at all. I use it on everything now! If this stuff ever goes public buy stock in it right away before it blows up!!!" Dani- NJ


"I was initially introduced to this product line at a Mind Body Wellness Expo in King of Prussia, PA, Having just recently taken on shared space in a small yoga studio and therapy center, I was elated when Jakki offered to give me a bottle of the Squeaky Clean to try! I have grown to love the product. I use it to sanitize my therapy table after each use, as well as throughout the studio for day to day cleaning needs. Jakki has been a pleasure with which to do business exchanges. I would highly recommend this product to anyone interested in enhancing their cleaning experience by integrating the use of safe and lovely scented products!" ~ Josette Cicacci, PA


SQUEAKY is now available at:


McCaffrey's Markets


Princeton and West Windsor, NJ

Yardley and Newtown, PA