Ever want your own custom scent?
Have a special need or concern you want  addressed with essential oils?

With an Aroma Consultation, you have access to over 60 oils that can be blended to suit your needs.

15 MINUTE CONSULT: Want to find out which of my blends you need right now? Get an empathic reading to determine which scents would work for you. - $15

CUSTOM SOUL ESSENCE: Get an intuitive reading either in person or via the phone to create a perfect custom blend for you or your business. All blends are made to your preference. All adjustments within a 2 month time frame are included in the price. We will work on this blend until your perfect fragrance is achieved. A sample vial of your blend is included. Your fragrance blended with additional products is extra.
Time: 20-30 min- $55

Here's an idea of custom products made for a healing practice:

Watch a custom blend being made: