Love Essential Oil in Jojoba oil 50/50

$ 18.00

Let Go and Open to LOVE

This relaxing, comforting blend of pure essential oils supports in times of grief and loss, supports when you are feeling unloved and calms an aching heart. It also stimulates open-heartedness and compassion, enabling a deeper romantic connection.

With lavender, rose, chamomile, vetiver, frankincense and rock rose LOVE is also helpful for insomnia and anxiety/restlessness.This Natural Perfume Roll-on is made with all natural jojoba oil to fixate the scent on your skin for a 4 hour wear. Heavy and floral.

Element: Wood and Metal by enabling letting go and healing the heart

Chakra: Heart 

This 50/50 formula makes using essential oils more versatile. Pure essential oils evaporate quickly when placed on the skin or dropped in bath water. Combined with jojoba oil which is most like the body's natural oil, essential oils last longer on the skin giving you 4 hours of a pleasurable aromatic experience.

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