Silk Body Oil Spray

Make your skin silky smooth with this nourishing blend of anti-aging oils that refine, protect and rejuvenate skin tissue while allowing your skin to breathe. Petrolatum and mineral oil based oils suffocate skin with a coating that does not penetrate. These body oils are all Natural, and unlike the others, they restore elasticity and help boost your body's immune system by enhancing its first layer of protection against disease.

Contains :

  • NO Nut-oils
  • Grapeseed Oil- a natural antioxidant and contains skin healing essential fatty acids (EFA)
  • High Oleic Sunflower Oil- light and contains skin regenerating EFA’s
  • Avocado Oil- rich with skin healing vitamins A, D E and is antibacterial
  • Olive Oil- high in EFA’s and is soothing for sprains and bruises
  • And other natural ingredients that enhance the texture of the skin  

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