Squeaky Clean HAPPY LIME SCENT- Spray 24 oz

$ 7.99

C'mon Get HAPPY! "It feels so good to be uplifted and refreshed!"

HAPPY scent makes you HAPPY! With Mexican Lime, CA Grapefruit, Indian Lemongrass, Italian Bergamot and tangerine, HAPPY clears negative energy around the heart, relieves frustration, irritability, anger and uplift the spirits to keep on going.

Uplift and keep on cleanin'! Lime scented "Happy" Squeaky makes the whole house smell fresh and makes you happy to clean! With LIME, GRAPEFRUIT & TANGERINE, it also cuts grease. Safe around children and pets. Use on all non-porous surfaces. Squeaky makes cleaning FUN! in 24 oz spray THIS PRODUCT IS OUT OF STOCK UNTIL SPRING. Try our HOLIDAY scent for the fall and winter months.

Balances: the WOOD Element (see more Happy products). and the Heart Chakra

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