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Autumn is the season when the Metal Element is at its peak. Metal is all about attachments: knowing what to hold onto and what to let go of. Learning what is beneficial and what does not serve us. This is a time of change as the trees go dormant and conserve their energy by allowing the leaves to drop. It is a time of taking in nutrients and letting go of that which does not serve. Just as nature has its cycles, so do we. Our bodies naturally begin to build up reserve energy by gaining weight in the fall/winter and our need to rest more becomes apparent. We also begin to let go of activities that may require too much assertion and very often get rid of things around the house that we don't need anymore, aka having a yard sale in the fall.   

When we look at the Metal Element in regard to the body, it is easy to see how the Lung and Large Intestine Meridians are aligned with it. The Lungs' job is to take in and process air, absorbing the oxygen and releasing the carbon dioxide, while the Large Intestine's job is to take in and releases the waste of the body. We are constantly in the process of taking in and letting go. In this case, the oils that affect the Metal Element are those that help with respiration and stimulating the release of toxins from the body.


Any of the Med-essence oils can help the process of breathing, but the most effective on the lungs are Decongest, Breathe-Ez, Cough Suppressant or Cold n Flu. Therefore, all of the MED-ESSENCE Blends are on special for the next three months. This is perfect timing with the seasonal change bringing out fall allergies, late summer colds and of course back to school viruses.




This is also the perfect time to stock up on FOCUS products staying present in school and during study time. FOCUS is a METAL Fragrance.


Metal Blends to balance include

Intuition: with Jasmine and Lemon to open up to intuitive guidance and release the thinking mind

Unwind: with Rosemary, Cypress and Lavender to release toxins, negativity and calm the mind

Focus: with Rosemary, Spearmint and Basil to release toxins, stimulate the uptake of oxygen to the brain and improve the ability to concentrate


For the season of Autumn, PLEASE ENJOY 15% off all Metal and Med-essence products. Enter coupon code AUTUMN2014MED or AUTUMN2014METAL at checkout.