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Water sale

Hydrate, go with the "Flow" and dive deep with these water products

WATER represents life giving energy, passion, creativity, fertility, flexibility, motivation, intimacy, reflectiveness, and emotional balance. BALANCED WATER is trusting, free flowing, moves easily around challenges and has innate motivation. 

Skin needs hydration to stay supple and youthful. Nurture your skin with our soothing organic lotions, oils and creams that leave no oily residue and glide on smoothly leaving you feeling quenched!  

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 "Let it FLOW" is our WATER ELEMENT scent with jasmine, orange, ylang, amber, sandalwood & coriander. It will encourage trust, creativity, spontanaeity, and enthusiasm. 



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  LBI LOTION IS REMINISCENT OF BEING AT A JERSEY BEACH with evergreen scents, lemon, lime, lemongrass and lavender

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