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The Pamper with Love Product Kit will give you an indulgent aroma experience with





Pamper with Love Package

There’s only one you, and when you love yourself, it gives you the energy to send that love out to the others in your world. Take the time for yourself and get pampered! 

Enjoy this for yourself or Give any part of this as a gift and save some for yourself!

- 1 Hour Healing Session + Pampering Gift Set valued at $50 + Guided Meditation mp3

Your 1 hour healing session
 may include: massage therapy, hot stones, reiki, acupressure, spiritual life coaching or an customized aromatherapy soul essence with spiritual reading to help you get back on track and feel renewed. These sessions can be done REMOTELY via the phone or video chat as well!

The Pamper with Love Product Kit will give you an indulgent aroma experience with

  • a 2oz jar of luxurious sea salt body scrub with nutritious olive, apricot kernal and  avocado oils for in the shower or bath, with nourishing oils
  • Either a 4oz silky soft massage & body butter  or an 8oz organic olive lotion to love your skin
  • 1/2 oz Baby Face for daily anti-aging and the
  • 1/3 oz essential oil blend to keep in your purse or car for a quick reminder how important it is to keep the love for yourself alive

Available in  4 scents:

HAPPY (Lime, grapefruit & lemongrass; for the heart chakra, wood element; uplifting; Comes with the 8oz pump lotion)

UNWIND (Lavender & rosemary; for third eye chakra, metal element; relax mind & open heart; Comes with the 4oz butter cream)

CHILL (Lavender, mandarin & vetiver; root chakra, earth element; deeply relax the body & mind; Comes with the 4oz butter cream)

LET IT FLOW (Jasmine, orange, cinnamon, sandalwood, etc; sacral chakra, water element; release resistance & wake up spontaneity; Comes with the 4oz butter cream)

JOY (Lemon, orange & sandalwood; solar plexus chakra, fire element; feel confident & passionate; comes with an 8oz pump lotion)

LOVE (Lavender, chamomile, rose, frankincense, rock rose & vetiver; heart chakra; wood element; intense calming for anxiety, PTSD or to heal from loss; comes with the 4oz butter cream)

STRENGTH OUT OF STOCK (Lavender, spruce & orange; root chakra; earth element; relax and feel secure; come with the 8 oz pump lotion)

SATISFIED (Cocoa, rose & cinnamon; to feel relaxed, grounded and sensuous, comes with the 4oz butter cream)

The downloadable MP3 meditation is a perfect 10 min compliment to your TIME-OUT session to recharge and feel nourished. 

 For a custom order of a different scent, please order any scent above and request a different scent at checkout in the notes section. 




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