Ways to Create Peace

Top ways to create peace by Jakki Gioia


  • 1. Live in the moment. It is so easy to get wrapped up in what we need to do next or what’s for dinner that we neglect just “Be-ing”. In this space, it is pure potential. We often notice the beauty of life and things our spirit guides are trying to show us- Like birds, insects, or other animals that may be there to guide us. We may even miss out on a good laugh from a joke a friend has made if we are too focused on other things and not on the present moment.
  • 2. Clear negativity/attachments/ Protect Many of us are very sensitive to energies and can pick up someone else’s anger, sadness, etc. Release these attachments and protect yourself (ask me how). Do this anytime throughout the day if you feel “off.”

    3. Breathe – Air is vital to life. Taking in fresh air can revitalize the body and mind. When we feel stressed we tend to hold our breath when instead we should be taking deeper breaths. Everyday take time to go outside and do some deep breathing. Try singing too. That only happens when we are breathing deeply. Try breathing in essential oils to reduce stress.

    4. Feel Joyful – Do something every day that brings you joy. Happiness creates positive energy and allows for more pleasure to come into your life. When you feel joyful, stressors seem less important, breathing gets deeper, insight switch flips on and spiritual support increases.

    5. Listen- learn to hear your inner voice. Allow mind to quiet and stop overthinking. When you practice NOT doing and follow the “feelings” instead of thoughts, things always turn out amazingly! You may not understand the why of the feeling until after you followed it. Just learn to trust yourself by taking a chance. Than watch what happens!

    6. See significance- Guidance is all around us. Put your intention out for what you want and ask the universe for support. Put worry aside and let the forces work for you. Just watch what happens. Magic happens when you tune into the meaning in the events of your life. This creates faith in yourself & your spirit guides/angels/God. It helps eliminate fear and worry and instill faith instead.

    7. Take care of your body- See signals -Get your nutrition right! Stretch/Exercise daily in some way. Taste- Take b vitamins, calcium/magnesium You are what you eat; so give your body what IT needs, not what YOU need! Vitamins, especially B-complex, calcium, magnesium, zinc selenium and potassium are vital to reduces stress and boosting the immune system. And eat your fiber!

    8. Work relaxation into every day- do yoga, meditate, self-massage, a hot bath, sip tea, etc.

    9. Try putting yourself first in the mornings and notice how every other task doesn’t seem so hard. Filling up your cup is necessary before you empty it with daily tasks. Also, when making decisions, always ask, will this benefit me?

    10. Try different forms of healing: Reiki, massage, Aromatherapy, Healing Touch, chakra balancing, other types of energy work, meditation, past life therapy, NLP/hypnosis, EFT, craniosacral, acupuncture, life coaching or therapy, shamanic journeys, etc.