Courage Essential Oil in Jojoba Oil 50/50

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Have a little COURAGE!

Speak your mind, be yourself, conquer your fears and stand up for yourself! This citrus/woodsy blend is pure essential oils including grapefruit, pine, bergamot, geranium and oak to boost confidence and self-expression. Apply to skin, drop in bath water, run through diffuser. Safe to diffuse around dogs.

This 50/50 formula (50% pure essential oils, 50% jojoba oil) makes using essential oils more versatile. Pure essential oils evaporate quickly when placed on the skin or dropped in bath water. Combined with jojoba oil which is most like the body's natural oil, essential oils last longer on the skin giving you 4 hours of a pleasurable aromatic experience.

Balances the AIR Element and the THROAT Chakra

Directions for use: Drop 10-20 drops into bath water or bath salts for a soothing bath, put 1-2 drops onto pulse points, drop into room diffuser, place 10-20 drops on vacuum filter before vacuuming