Elements Gift Bag- Sampler of 1/8 oz essential oils

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Gift the 5 Element Sampler Bag this year to help them stay balanced

METAL: Raise your INTUITION -INTUITION is made with real JASMINE, LEMON & MYRRH to feel what is right for you

WOOD: RISE UP with Happy! -HAPPY is made with refreshing LIME, GRAPEFRUIT, TANGERINE, BERGAMOT & LEMONGRASS to release negativity and improve resilience

FIRE: Feel JOYFUL with JOY - Joy contains uplifting lemon, orange, bergamot, sage, sandalwood & cypress to clear negativity and boost confidence.

WATER: Let Go and LET IT FLOW- Flow is made with creativity sparking oils such as orange, jasmine, sandalwood, ylang ylang, patchouli, cinnamon, nutmeg and lemongrass. 

EARTH: Chill out with CHILL- Chill contains relaxing blend of lavender, mandarin, vetiver, real sandalwood, frankincense and benzoin to ground and deeply relax.