Focus Organic Lotion

$ 15.95

This skin nourishing body lotion is concentrated with FOCUS formula to deliver a safe dose of essential oil therapy while softening the skin. A convenient way to incorporate essential oils into your everyday life. 

Apply this rich, emollient lotion to instep of feet, hands and body for long lasting ability to concentrate. Your mind will stay active but not distracted while your skin will thank you for the nourishment. With organic olive oil, organic olive butter and aloe to nourish and pure essential oils of rosemary, spearmint, vetiver and basil to wake up areas of the brain. FOCUS works best when applied to the body.

Also recommended: Focus Pure Essential Oil and Focus Inhaler. Inhaling the pure essential oils helps to increase the effects by getting the vapors straight up to the brain.  Balances the Metal Element.

Directions: Apply to underarms and/or bottoms of feet before work or school. Apply to hands and body if desired.

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