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Balances the Metal Element.

FOCUS LOTION wakes up areas of the brain. calms and centers allowing concentration. With rosemary, spearmint, basil & vetiver in a base of our super-nutritious olive oil lotion, FOCUS works on ADD & ADHD. A convenient way to incorporate essential oils into your everyday life. 

This Organic Olive Oil Lotion drenches the skin with aloe, anti- aging olive oil, shea and cocoa butters, organic aloe vera, vitamins A & E, chamomile & calendula extracts. Apply to face, hands & body. Great for after shave too!

Olive oil is the richest of all oil for anti-oxidant and anti-aging benefit.  This lotion makes your skin feel quenched! Not sticky or thick, this lotion goes on smooth and leaves skin hydrated and soft feeding every inch of your skin. It contains 
  • organic olive oil
  • organic olive butter, shea butter, cocoa butter
  • organic aloe vera for hydrating, healing and detoxifying
  • anti-oxidants and EFA's from the olive plant and neem oil
  • vitamins A, E and B for elasticity and resistance to free radicals
  • willow bark extract for anti-inflammatory effects

Apply this rich, emollient lotion to instep of feet, hands and body for long lasting ability to concentrate. Your mind will stay active but not distracted while your skin will thank you for the nourishment.  FOCUS works best when applied to the body.

Also recommended: Focus Pure Essential Oil  Inhaling the pure essential oils helps to increase the effects by getting the vapors straight up to the brain.  

Directions: Apply to underarms and/or bottoms of feet before work or school. Apply to hands and body if desired.

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