Forgiveness Anointing Oil

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From the Sacred Heart of Jesus comes this exquisite blend of ancient and high vibration oils that cut through deep blocks to peace with comfort and grace. Release blame and guilt and instill faith and trust to allow the heart to heal. Forgive yourself, forgive the past. With:

  • Spikenard root to ground, the ancient oil used by Mary Magdalene to wash Jesus' feet
  • Yarrow leaf to dispel inner anger
  • Chrysanthemum to break up deep blocks with ease
  • Lemon balm ( Melissa) to lift depression
  • Lemon to uplift
  • Patchouli to raise intuition and ground
  • Geranium to balance hormones
  • Rosemary to clarify the mind
  • Eucalyptus to open the chest and heart 

This scent varies on each person based on their body chemistry but has a characteristic sweet woody floral scent. Very warming!

For additional help clearing disappointment and forgiving, schedule a Spiritual Counseling Session to do a very powerful Forgiveness Process 

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