Freedom Body Wash

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 FREEDOM is a state of mind! 

Soothe anger and frustration with this grounding pure essential oil blend made with lavender, grapefruit, pine, geranium and oakmoss that is woodsy and citrusy to break free of your challenges and feel strong. 

Balances the AIR Element and the THROAT Chakra

This Organic, Sulfate Free, pH balanced Body Wash is formulated to retain skin's moisture and can be used on face, hair and body.  With Freedom oil, it's a convenient way to incorporate essential oils into your everyday life. Can be used day or night. 

Rest easy knowing your body wash are effectively cleaning your body, not stripping your body oils and keeping the environment clean at the same time. Containing only aloe, lavender and chamomile extracts and coconut based surfactants, this wash is even safe for pets and baby's skin. Plus, each time you wash with a pure essential oil product, you are getting an anti-bacterial clean without the harmful effect of chemicals like triclosan. Ahhh... and the oils' mood balancing properties make your spirit sing while your skin builds a defense against pathogens like viruses and bacteria. So ditch your synthetic fragranced soap and build your immunities with pure essential oils!