Happy Essential Oil in Jojoba Oil 50/50

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C'mon Get HAPPY! "It feels so good to be uplifted and refreshed!"

HAPPY scent makes you HAPPY! With Mexican Lime, CA Grapefruit, Indian Lemongrass, Italian Bergamot and tangerine, HAPPY clears negative energy around the heart, relieves frustration, irritability, anger and uplift the spirits to keep on going.

This 50/50 formula makes using essential oils more versatile. Pure essential oils evaporate quickly when placed on the skin or dropped in bath water. Combined with jojoba oil which is most like the body's natural oil, essential oils last longer on the skin giving you 4 hours of a pleasurable aromatic experience.

Directions: This pure essential oil blend can be used in a diffuser, worn on the skin (can make skin photosensitive in the sun) or dropped in bath water.

Balances: the WOOD Element (see more Happy products). and the Heart Chakra