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Make your wedding memorable with ORGANIC LOTION Wedding Favors with a custom label in your own custom scent or your choice of HAPPY (lime, grapefruit & tangerine), SPARKLE (lavender, orange, ylang & vanilla with or without the sparkles) or UNWIND (lavender, rosemary & marjoram)

1 oz size- $3.50 ea. minimum quantity 50 pieces. Volume discounts apply. Order 1 for a sample

Custom formulations require an appointment to create the scent. Can be done remotely over the phone or video chat. Additional formulation fee of $55 applies and includes a sample mailed to you until we get the scent right. Click here to learn more
Feed your skin with this hand & body lotion made with organic olive oil, organic olive butter and aloe vera. Olive oil is the richest of all oil for anti-oxidant and anti-aging benefit. Not sticky or thick, this lotion goes on smooth and makes your skin feel quenched! Use it on hands, body or face. Includes the benefits of:
  • anti-oxidants and EFA's from the olive plant and neem oil
  • hydrating, healing and detoxifying effects of the aloe vera and
  • anti-inflammatory effects of willow bark extract

You have a choice of HAPPY (lime, grapefruit & tangerine) , PLAY (lavender, orange, ylang & vanilla) or STRENGTH (lavender, spruce & patchouli)

1 oz size- $3.50 ea. minimum quantity 50 pieces. Volume discounts apply. Order 1 for a sample


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