Pamper with Love Kit Gift Set

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There’s only one you, and when you love yourself, it gives you the energy to send that love out to the others in your world. Take the time for yourself and get pampered! 

Enjoy this FULL SIZE gift set of daily essentials to give you a daily balancing.  Relax, uplift, awaken intuition, clear negative energies and nourish the skin. This kit is valued at $90 but get the whole set for just $75. Take your body seriously and give it the love it deserves with these AMAZING products! 

About the scents:

PEACE (Lavender, patchouli, ylang & orange; for crown chakra, Spirit fire element; ease anxiety and induce calm)

INTUITION (Jasmine, lemon & myrrh; third eye chakra; metal element; release past hurts and open to divine guidance)

 HAPPY (Lime, grapefruit & lemongrass; for the heart chakra, wood element; uplift & push through challenges)

JOY (Lemon, orange & sandalwood; solar plexus chakra, fire element; feel confident & positive)

 LOVE (Sandalwood, ylang, nutmeg & lemongrass; affects all the chakras and all elements; love yourself and others unconditionally