Pamper with Love Kit Gift Set

$ 50.00

The Pamper with Love Product Kit will give you an indulgent aroma experience with

Available in  4 scents:

HAPPY (Lime, grapefruit & lemongrass; for the heart chakra, wood element; uplifting; Comes with the 8oz pump lotion)

UNWIND (Lavender & rosemary; for third eye chakra, metal element; relax mind & open heart; Comes with the 4oz butter cream)

CHILL (Lavender, mandarin & vetiver; root chakra, earth element; deeply relax the body & mind; Comes with the 4oz butter cream)

LET IT FLOW (Jasmine, orange, cinnamon, sandalwood, etc; sacral chakra, water element; release resistance & wake up spontaneity; Comes with the 4oz butter cream)

JOY (Lemon, orange & sandalwood; solar plexus chakra, fire element; feel confident & passionate; comes with an 8oz pump lotion)

LOVE (Lavender, chamomile, rose, frankincense, rock rose & vetiver; heart chakra; wood element; intense calming for anxiety, PTSD or to heal from loss; comes with the 4oz butter cream)

STRENGTH  OUT OF STOCK (Lavender, spruce & orange; root chakra; earth element; relax and feel secure; come with the 8 oz pump lotion)

SATISFIED (Cocoa, rose & cinnamon; to feel relaxed, grounded and sensuous, comes with the 4oz butter cream and body wash in lieu of essential oil)

 For a custom order of a different scent, please order any scent above and request a different scent at checkout in the notes section. 


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