Product Sampler Kit

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What better way to explore Divine Creations products than with this sampler kit? Mini sizes of our popular products give you an idea of how to easily incorporate essential oil products in your daily life.

All of these products contain ingredients that are safe for children.

  • Squeaky Clean All Purpose Cleaner- 1 oz
  • Joy Body and Room Spritz for clearing negative energies & uplifting- 1 oz
  • Baby Face Daily Anti-aging Moisturizer, Serum and primer in one- 6 mL
  • Strength Organic Hand & Body Wash to relax and strengthen the spirit- 1 oz
  • Chill Shea Massage & Body Cream for relaxing the mind and muscles- 1/2 oz
  • Happy Organic Body Lotion to Uplift- 1 oz
  • Skin Rescue- Skin repair cream for cuts, burns and bruises- 1/4 oz
  • Breathe EZ Essential oil for Upper Respiratory Conditions- 1/8 oz
  • Archangel Michael Body and Room Spritz for aura protection and strength - 6 mL

ONLY $22.95