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Feeling Defeated?
Are you tired of not getting what you want?

Does life have you spinning your wheels trying to get ahead or trying to figure out what's next?

Have you been unhappy in your relationship but you can't see the way out?

Have you been suffering from pain or anxiety and just want some relief?

Are you afraid to take action because of the unknown?

Have you been looking for love but can't seem to find it?

Do you feel that life is hard and unfair? 

Do you know what your purpose is?

Do you know what you want?

 ALL of these things are REAL issues and completely in your power to turn around. With a little guidance and commitment to yourself, it can be done! And I would LOVE to help you!!


Sessions can be done over the phone, in person or via Skype.


What Jakki's coaching clients have said:

"It's like I was able to see myself from a bird's eye view. She hit the nail on the head. I feel like this worked better than traditional counseling because it got to the core of the issues. Thank you Jakki!"- Aysha, Bel Air, MD

"I discovered parts of myself I didn't know existed. It was really empowering."- Joe, Bel Air, MD

" I feel like Jakki is the only one who could truly understand what I am going through. She is intuitive and takes things from spiritual perspective. My sessions with her give me something to think about and I feel like I can trust her. " Tim, Baltimore, MD


What is Life Coaching?

 Life Coaching is a clinically proven method of counseling that helps people improve their  lives through a series of processes and healing exercises that bring about  permanent change. Clients can expect to learn:

  • Why they do and say what they do and say
  • How to create healthy, spiritual relationships with  their family, friends, spouse, children, etc.
  • How to relieve physical pain by clearing emotional  blocks
  • How to manifest abundance.
  • How to unconditionally love and accept  themselves.
  • How to stop reliving recurrent patterns or  mistakes
  • How master their own lives by becoming empowered through  a process of self- realization

People who can benefit from Life Coaching are  those who are:

  • feeling sad or depressed
  • going through a period of change
  • unable to trust
  • unhappy with their lives
  • unhappy in their relationships
  • going through separation or divorce
  • looking to find a new career
  • suffering from chronic pain
  • fighting a debilitating disease
  • searching for meaning in their lives
  • victims of abuse/neglect
  • victims of traumatic events
  • afraid to be alone
  • having difficulty communicating their feelings
  • feeling lost and confused
  • trying to lose weight
  • tired of repeating the same patterns
  • interested in being a better parent
  • interested in making more money
  • interested in personal growth


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