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TREAT yourself to an at home RETREAT and explore the WATER ELEMENT

WINTER is a time to retreat and "treat" ourselves

With icy cold blasts of air, snow filled skies and puddles forming icy ponds, it makes me think of the purpose of the season. Winter is a time to reflect and rest. It is important to slow down during this time so we can replenish energy we expend throughout the year to increase our energy stores for spring growth.

WATER is the element associated with Winter. WATER is life-giving, as nothing can live without it, and thus its presence is related to our energy levels and level of Kidney "Jing" (life force energy). Accessing our vital energy happens by drinking water, deep breathing, resting, bathing or swimming, looking within to reflect on our deepest desires and being actively receptive to our innermost will. This means listening to and learning to trust that quiet inner voice. When water is sufficient, there is courage to move forward, flexibility, motivation, trust and flow.

When our WATER (reserve energy) is deficient, we feel less able to navigate the rocky parts of life and can become stagnant. Stagnation can bring sludge into your life - a lot of what you don't want. It can also make us timid, fearful, untrusting, feel inadequate or inferior or make us suspicious of other people or things. Fear in turn then depletes our life force energy creating a constant cycle of stagnation.

The WATER ELEMENT is linked to the 2nd chakra- the SACRAL CHAKRA- the seat of the Will, creativity, motivation, personal power and intimate relationships with self and others. The organs associated with WATER are the kidneys and the bladder, the two organs that process fluids to remove toxic material from our bodies.  The Kidneys filter the toxins and send them to the bladder for removal. Working in tandem like these two organs is representative of the power of intimate relationships that the SACRAL CHAKRA and the WATER ELEMENT represent. The ability to trust and surrender to another allows for flow and increased energy stores.

For the winter months, our focus is on all products that involve WATER and learning how to re-treat, replenish and restore energy. Each week a different product will be featured that inspires the accumulation or release of more WATER in our lives. 

TREAT yourself to an At Home RE-TREAT
- Take a soothing bath with Mineral Rich Sea Salts to relieve muscle soreness
- Enjoy bubbles in your bath and know you're not harming the environment with our Sulfate-Free Body Wash

- Re-hydrate your skin and pamper your muscles with our Soothing Massage & Body Butter 
- Drop Pure Essential Oils in the bath for increased deep release of emotional tension

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