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Need support during this challenging time? April 01 2020

Here are some ideas for calming and uplifting to get you through this tough time, including a discount on our best selling products. New videos now posted to YouTube for inspiration and how to handle loneliness. Hang in there! we'll all get through this!


What's EARTH got to do with it? Inspiration, compassion & a gift of healing October 13 2019

Earth time puts us in touch with emotions of sympathy, compassion and groundedness. When we experience worry and over-thinking, we deplete the earth element and the organs that accompany it- the stomach and spleen which are necessary for processing food into energy. This is the time to learn how to let go of worry and to relax the mind for the sake of allowing our food to nourish us. 

Autumn.. the time of change..letting go and holding on..and SOUP! November 14 2018 1 Comment

Are you feeling it?... the energies of change that the season of autumn brings In the spirit of change and warming your heart, I have begun a new video series. The first of these new videos is now available for viewing on my You Tube channel. It is a segment called Inspiration Soup.