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The ancient healing traditions of Chinese and Ayurveda proposed that the elements of nature were reflected in our inner being and physical conditions. They found we can treat our physical body when we understand how our emotions are tied to it. They found correlation of the muscles, digestion and worry to the Earth element, fear, water retention and bones to the Water element, joy, digestion and circulation to the fire element and letting go, elimination and breathing with the metal element. As we allow our truth to be clear, we can learn to find a way to balance what is unwell within us. Divine...

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Earth time puts us in touch with emotions of sympathy, compassion and groundedness. When we experience worry and over-thinking, we deplete the earth element and the organs that accompany it- the stomach and spleen which are necessary for processing food into energy. This is the time to learn how to let go of worry and to relax the mind for the sake of allowing our food to nourish us. 

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Earth Element Late Summer is the time when Earth Element is at its peak Late summer is the time when the yang energies of spring and summer wind down to the yin energies of autumn and winter. The earth element lies at that pivot point, restoring harmony. As the mid-point, earth energy holds both the past and the future in the present moment and reminds us to hold onto what we enjoyed and look forward to more fulfilling times. In Chinese medicine, the earth element is all about nourishment. Associated with the stomach and spleen meridians, earth energy can express itself through dietary...

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