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What's EARTH got to do with it? Inspiration, compassion & a gift of healing October 13 2019

Are You feeling it?

I don't know about you but I am feeling the shift in energy from summer to autumn. Leaves may not be falling here yet, but we are experiencing the change in weather and the harvest of late summer squash and Halloween is just around the corner. 

I have been out of touch this summer, mostly because this is our busy season at the beach for summer travelers and healing sessions take up much of my time. And while working one-one with clients was my priority, I did take time to have fun this summer too. I hope you did too! 'Cause that's what summer is all about, right? It is the peak of the FIRE energy, a time to be social, energized, warm and  passionate. 

And though that season has come to an end and we have moved into late summer, by Chinese medicine theory we are in the peak of the element of EARTH- Harvest time! Time to reap what we sowed in the spring, that grew with the warmth of the summer sun. Time to til the soil and settle in to start relaxing and getting grounded for winter rest.

Earth time puts us in touch with emotions of sympathy, compassion and groundedness. When we experience worry and over-thinking, we deplete the earth element and the organs that accompany it- the stomach and spleen which are necessary for processing food into energy. This is the time to learn how to let go of worry and to relax the mind for the sake of allowing our food to nourish us. When we think too much, we block the body's ability to properly digest food because we are "digesting" information instead. This is why so many have digestive disorders like IBS, Acid reflux and ulcers. It is vital to be mindful of what you are "consuming", especially when we are bombarded with "disgusting" news every day and frustrating circumstances. We have to find a way to separate ourselves from outside circumstances and balance the negative with positive peaceful thoughts.

What can you do to relax more? What can you do to get more in your body and less in your head?

I personally have also noticed a type of emptying in my schedule opening to allow room for whatever I desire to be put on it. You may very well be feeling the same thing. As we approach the METAL element time of letting go and openness to new, you may be experiencing loss or an emptiness or a desire to empty your closet and donate to the needy. Don't be alarmed, this is completely normal. We are even in the energy of the full moon today which assists us with completions.  So use this energy to get clear on what you want to put on your plate, something that nourishes you and gives you energy and frees you up for new exciting opportunities. YOU get to DECIDE what you are going to LET IN.

To assist you,  I have chosen to offer a few special promotions and have a very special inspirational message for you. 

You may have noticed the October promotion for Breast Cancer Awareness to promote compassion. Purchase product or schedule a healing session and 25% will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Shop at www.dc-aroma.com Check out the Earth Element products and our Satisfied formula

Would you like a dose of Inspiration? LISTEN TO THIS VERY SPECIAL NEW CHANNELED MESSAGE  Listen and get a lift! 


How far can your Stretch? April 25 2017

Happy Spring!

How do we energize the WOOD energy with Spring and how do essential oils help with that?

As the energy of spring takes hold, a lot is happening here.

The last month has been a whirlwind of activity, going from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. Life challenges us that way to see how far we can stretch and bend before we break. It also pushes us to see our potential and creates confidence when we realize what we are capable of doing. That is the energy of WOOD right in time for the season of Spring! How we meet our challenges is up to us.

At the end of March I was stretched to give a friend a heartwarming ceremony for her wedding, a task I never took on before. But since I have been ordained a minister through the Universal Life Church, I thought I would do my best for her. After 2 weeks of preparation, the ceremony went beautifully, set on the beach in St. Pete, FL, and I added one more service listing to my 'bag of tricks.' Check out this video to see a snippet of the ceremony. https://youtu.be/ra-EYmP6vVo

She also had asked me to sing an original song for her which I had begun writing at least 6 months before and so, after many years of concealing my talent, I performed my song live for her and her family. It was a huge success and rewarded me with the sense of pride and accomplishment that also comes when the WOOD energy is in balance. Check out the video of the song here. https://youtu.be/K39jEM_q9_I

And then, after riding this high, I came home to a very sad situation. My dog Buddy had taken a turn for the worse. He was diagnosed with bone cancer in October, but due to pain meds and daily Reiki he was able to live happily since. It became obvious that his time had come to an end. So 1 day after coming home I laid him to rest. His presence in my life had taught me so much and he was like a child to me for 12 years so letting him go has been one of the hardest things I've had to do.

You may have had the opportunity to meet Buddy in our travels and he would want you to know that he loved you and wants you to find joy above all in all things you do.

He was the picture of the WOOD element- stubborn, persistent, patient, pushed through challenges, asked for what he wanted, and loved his walks. In his passing, I have come to use the LOVE oil to help with grief, the HAPPY to remind me what else I love about life and the SPLENDOR to support me in my purpose of helping others get closer to Heaven on Earth. You may like to check out the video on the WOOD element on the Wood Element webpage. It goes approx 15 min. Buddy is in it too!

If you are grieving, seeking motivation, pushing through challenges, needing to feel re-energized, needing to feel loved or needing more calming of your heart, please enjoy this coupon to experience the WOOD oils at 20% OFF
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If you feel the need to talk out your problems to get more stress relief tips or clarity on how to improve your circumstances, please enjoy this special of 20% OFF a coaching session when you mention this post. Call 410-399-9737

Thanks for reading and don't forget to be NICE to YOURSELF!

It's Springtime again! May 03 2016

'Tis the season for dusting off those work boots and getting into your garden or taking a stroll through the park to see the cherry blossoms. So many things to like about Spring! 

With this renewed energy comes the spirit of growth and activity. It is important to listen to your body during these times to make sure you don't overdue and injure yourself. It is also important to realize that this is the time when the WOOD energy will be utilized so you can carry out whatever plans you make.

WOOD energy is associated with the Liver and Gall Bladder. WOOD is the energy of independence, responsibility, growth, activity, pushing through challenges, branching out, reaching higher, being decisive, making plans and carrying them out and juggling tasks. It is the energy of being in charge. 

What does this mean? It means that now is the time to start those projects you have been putting off, to set a goal and work on achieving it, to aim higher. It is also a good time to do a cleanse to clean out the toxins and take multi-vitamins and enzymes to help your liver work more efficiently. It is important to limit your intake of fats so as not to overtax your gall bladder. It is also a good time to stretch more and get massage because the liver governs the tendons and stretching the muscles takes pressure off the tendons to give you more freedom in your joints.    

It is also important to be mindful of your emotions. Anger can aggravate the liver and is also a sign of liver imbalance. Irritability, frustration, indecision are all blocks to physical health, particularly of the liver and gall bladder. You may even experience apathy, lack of motivation, or self-pity if your wood energy is imbalanced. Let's get to the source of why they are coming up and fix that! 

You need to work on your Wood energy if you :
  • are feeling stuck
  • having a hard time getting off the ground and moving forward
  • are depressed
  • are bitter or resentful
  • tend to believe you are right and everyone else is wrong
  • blame yourself or others for everything
  • tend to be easily angered or  frustrated 
  • tend to take on too much responsibility 

If you would like to keep your WOOD energy balanced, I can help with that.

  • I offer Spiritual Life Coaching via the phone or in person to give you solutions on handling the source of your stress, including empathic readings to get specific guidance for you and guided meditations for you to  find your center. 
  • My book Follow the Signs can help you find direction and I offer a free 30 minute session with each purchase.
  • I offer Jin Shin Do BodyMind Acupressure to release unconscious blocks to your happiness and relax your body in addition to therapeutic massage. (must be done in person)
  • I have created the following products for you to use on a daily basis to relieve your stress.
  • My new song, Keep Movin On, can keep you going when your steam has run out and has gotten me through some really tough times.

Remember, stress is the #1 risk factor for disease. Let me help you get a handle on it by working on the causes 




Scent: Citrus
Contains: mexican lime, pink grapefruit, tangerine, lemongrass, bergamot, pine, fir and frankincense. 
Available in: Liquid Hand & Body Wash- Now available in 32 oz economy size, Organic Olive Oil Lotion, Shea Massage & Body Butter, Massage Oil, Linen/Body spray, Pure Essential Oil, Roll-on




Scent: Floral, sweet and heady
Contains: lavender, mandarin, marjarom, chamomile, rose, bay laurel, frankincense, vetiver and labdanum
Available in: Shea Massage & Body Butter, Massage Oil, Linen/Body spray, Pure Essential Oil, Roll-on
 * not for use during pregnancy



Dig your heels into the Earth Element September 30 2015

Earth Element

Late Summer is the time when Earth Element is at its peak

Late summer is the time when the yang energies of spring and summer wind down to the yin energies of autumn and winter. The earth element lies at that pivot point, restoring harmony. As the mid-point, earth energy holds both the past and the future in the present moment and reminds us to hold onto what we enjoyed and look forward to more fulfilling times.

In Chinese medicine, the earth element is all about nourishment. Associated with the stomach and spleen meridians, earth energy can express itself through dietary habits,  thought processes, self-worth, ability to support oneself, being overly nurturing to others, lacking ability to nurture oneself and more. Earth imbalance tends to produce a craving for sweets and its sound is that of singing.

In the Ayurvedic tradition, the earth element is associated with the ROOT CHAKRA which is about laying a strong foundation, creating safety and security within oneself and ones family and being involved in the community. Earth energy in the root chakra creates a firm base of support from which to spring, is calm, centered, rooted in tradition, sympathetic and loyal. An imbalance here would mean disturbance in all the chakras above because there is no firm foundation.

Conditions related to excess earth energy (excess yang):
- When the need to solve other's problems leaves little time or energy to care for yourself and you become off-center, over-protective and lose boundary defense.
- When you fear deprivation and losing connections with others
- When you crave sweets and eat in an attempt to fill a void or emptiness
- When you crave love and affection and being needed
- Obsessive worrying and over-thinking
- Self-pity, fluctuating self-esteem
- Obesity
- Water Retention
- Intestinal Disturbances
- Difficulty with change
- Sluggishness
- Tendency to overwork
- Over attention to detail, obsessiveness
- Sinus issues

Conditions associated with Deficient Earth (Yin Excess):
- Needing continued support to have a sense of self-worth
- Not being cared for enough as a child
- Lacking aggressiveness
- Wanting to be left alone
- Cold body temp
- Constant yawning
- Scattered, unfocused thoughts, forgetfulness
- Anxiety, nervousness, fears, phobias
- Weight issues
- Insomnia
- Overwhelm
- Sitting all day

ALL EARTH formulas were created with the purpose of grounding energy, relieving stress and relaxing the body. The color is red to correspond to the root chakra.

with lavender, pine, spruce, patchouli, geranium and myrrh
Promotes relaxed surety, settles a restless mind and uplifts anxiety and depression. The tree oils enable one to feel supported and in charge. Strength is also good for acne and insomnia. Infused with snowflake obsidian for inner centering and support.

STABILITY (sweet and spicy)
with cinnamon, vanilla, amber, sandalwood and frankincense

Warm and nurturing making one feel at home, STABILITY is comforting yet energizing for sluggishness and speeds metabolism. A good grounding oil that doesn't induce sleep. It is also good for wrinkles and arthritis pain. Charged with a jasper stone for nurturing and balance.

CHILL (earthy and heady)
with lavender, mandarin, sandalwood, vetiver & frankincense

Suited for worry and over-thinking, insomnia, RLS, IBS anxiety and stress. With sedating mandarin and lavender oils combined with grounding oils such as vetiver and sandalwood, this blend can provide restful sleep. It is also useful for burns, wounds & wrinkles. Charged with snowflake obsidian for grounding and support.



Because all the elements effect each other, these other oils may also be helpful for EARTH BALANCE:


Since earth forms metal overtime, sufficient earth must be present. The FOCUS blend contains oils for stimulating the brain as well as grounding excess energy. UNWIND and INTUITION relax the mind. See more at: http://dc-aroma.com/collections/metal-element

contains oils for the digestive tract to relieve cramping, bloating, nausea and gas. JOY uplifts and enhances self-worth and sociability. See more at: http://dc-aroma.com/collections/fire-element

Since trees grow up through the ground, they break up excess energy. HAPPY, SPLENDOR and LOVE relieve that excess  see more at

Since excess earth can hold back water (as in using sandbags in a tidal storm) , it may be necessary to raise your WATER energy as well. EMPOWER, SURRENDER, and LET IT FLOW can be helpful. See more at

The sinuses are related to the stomach meridian, so inflammation in the sinuses can be treated with our Decongest blend. For more info, go to  http://dc-aroma.com/collections/med-essence-blends

 Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it helps you better understand your body and how to relieve common symptoms naturally. Peace!