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Here are some ideas for calming and uplifting to get you through this tough time, including a discount on our best selling products. New videos now posted to YouTube for inspiration and how to handle loneliness. Hang in there! we'll all get through this!


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Spotlight on: Med-Essence Blends (Autumn Special) Heal colds naturally with these blends and simple homegrown remedies I haven't been to a primary care doctor for an ailment in years. That doesn't mean I haven't been sick. I've gotten a cold at least once/year. But, the last time I went to the Dr. was when my husband and I came down with sinus infections together at least 5 years ago. I had never experienced so much pain in my sinuses ever before. He diagnosed us both with sinus infections and wrote a prescription. He took the meds, I did not. I treated mine with...

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