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Save on WOOD ELEMENT products for Spring

Spring has sprung!

The time for shedding the layers of winter weather and motivating to the outdoors has come

The birds are chirping, the weather is warming up and the daffodils are beginning to pop out of the ground. Thus begins the cycle of new life!
It is only fitting to highlight the WOOD ELEMENT at this time.


The WOOD ELEMENT is representative of new life, growth, self starting, responsibility, independence, and reaching your potential. It is the element that breaks up the earth to move forward just as plants spring up from dormancy.

 Healthy WOOD energy motivates through frustration, is resilient, patient, steadfast, understanding and energetic. It breaks through the feelings of laziness, being stuck, lethargic, unmotivated or being too "down to earth".

It is the energy responsible for helping you reach your goals, to "touch the sky." It also provides an escape from carrying the burden of caring for others, gently releasing stress and uplifting.

The WOOD ELEMENT is also aligned with the Heart Chakra in the Ayurvedic Tradition, which is the center of love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and tolerance.   

The WOOD ELEMENT is connected to the Liver and Gall Bladder Meridians which are responsible for planning and carrying out the plans. Together they take the responsibility of "getting the job done." The Liver carries out over 200 functions, including filtering out all that is impure and metabolizing fats and sugars. When the Liver is compromised, irritability or anger may present and when the gall bladder is compromised, we may have the feeling of being stuck. It is important to note that the emotions play a role in the health of the organ as well. A happy, chipper nature will result from and contribute to a healthy Liver and Gall Bladder.

As such, the WOOD ELEMENT scents were designed to assist with this emotional balance.

The HAPPY blend gives the added benefit of detoxifying, cleansing oils that help with water retention and cellulite to assist the liver with its depurative functions. The LOVE blend contains calming, sedating oils that assist with anxiety and hormone balance. And the SPLENDOR blend works primarily on the emotional body, relaxing but giving a feeling of grounding and support while uplifting.  

ALL WOOD ELEMENT Products are 20% OFF for SPRING. (see below for coupon code) Check out the scents to balance the Wood Element:

Action: Designed to Boost Wood Energy
- uplifts, clears out stress/worry/hurt, anti-depressant
- go-to scent to support caretakers
- citrus oils are good for clearing acne prone/oily skin
Scent: Citrus
Contains: mexican lime, pink grapefruit, tangerine, lemongrass, bergamot, pine, fir and frankincense. 
Available in: Shea Butter Soap (while supplies last), Liquid Hand & Body Wash, Shea Butter Lotion (while supplies last), Shea Massage & Body Butter, Massage Oil, Linen/Body spray, Pure Essential Oil, Roll-on, Inhaler

Action: Designed to BALANCE Wood Energy
- comforts in times of loss, grief, or broken heart
- promotes self-love
- relaxes anxiety
- assists sleep
- opens the heart to love
Scent: Floral, sweet and heady
Contains: lavender, mandarin, marjarom, chamomile, rose, bay laurel, frankincense, vetiver and labdanum
Available in: Shea Massage & Body Butter, Massage Oil, Linen/Body spray, Pure Essential Oil, Roll-on
 * not for use during pregnancy

SPLENDOR (while supplies last)
Action: Designed to Boost Wood Energy
- uplifting
- release frustration
- feel supported
- feel your power to push through challenges
Scent: Citrus, sweet, woodsy, almost like baby powder from the frankincense
Contains: lavender, orange, rosewood, ylang ylang and frankincense
Available in: Shea Butter Lotion (while supplies last), Shea Massage & Body Butter, Massage Oil, Linen/Body spray, Pure Essential Oil, Roll-on

ALL WOOD ELEMENT Products are 20% OFF for SPRING.

Use coupon code WOOD2015 at checkout.
offer expires April 30th

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STAY TUNED for a new Heart Based blend called UTOPIA coming soon...

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