It's a Winter Waterland!

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It's a Winter Waterland!

Water...the element associated with the winter season

Life giving...reflective...forward moving...courageous...flexible

  • This Winter has brought us an abundance of water from the very first day. Here in the North East, we had rain for nearly a week at its onset, and now as we approach the big storm Jonas, we are given more time to appreciate the creativity, purity and power of water.    

    It's no doubt that the presence of rain or snow pushes us to be more reclusive- stay indoors more, hibernate and so when we do this, we are connecting with the energy of the winter season as well. While you are resting indoors, take this time to do more reflecting on your life and build your reserves by getting plenty of sleep, proper nourishment, bath soaks, stretching and of course, drink plenty of water.

     See our full blog post on the water element here 

    WATER is life-giving, as nothing can live without it, and thus its presence is related to our energy levels and level of Kidney "Jing" (life force energy). Accessing our vital energy happens by drinking water, deep breathing, resting, bathing or swimming, looking within to reflect on our deepest desires and being actively receptive to our innermost will. This means listening to and learning to trust that quiet inner voice. When water is sufficient, there is courage to move forward, flexibility, motivation, trust and flow.
    There is much to say about the qualities of water that are congruent with human life:  

    • WATER is life-giving. All of us need WATER to survive.
    • WATER is FLEXIBLE. To thrive, we need to learn how to FLOW around obstacles and be SELF-MOTIVATED (EMPOWERED)
    • We need to learn how to MOVE FORWARD and when to RECEDE when necessary. This requires TRUST and willingness to "SURRENDER". Intimate relationships are formed through trust and surrender
    • WATER COURAGEOUSLY goes where it needs to and is STRONG WILLED
    • WATER is reflective. We move through life more effortlessly when we can see clearly what our truth is.
    • WATER is aligned with the SACRAL CHAKRA in Ayurvedic Medicine. This area is associated with CREATIVITY, FERTILITY, INTIMACY, & SEXUALITY


    When our WATER (reserve energy) is deficient, we feel less able to navigate the rocky parts of life and can become stagnant. Stagnation can bring sludge into your life - a lot of what you don't want. It can also make us timid, fearful, untrusting, feel inadequate or inferior or make us suspicious of other people or things. Fear in turn then depletes our life force energy creating a constant cycle of stagnation.

    The WATER ELEMENT is linked to the 2nd chakra- the SACRAL CHAKRA- the seat of the Will, creativity, motivation, personal power and intimate relationships with self and others. The organs associated with WATER are the kidneys and the bladder, the two organs that process fluids to remove toxic material from our bodies.  The Kidneys filter the toxins and send them to the bladder for removal. Working in tandem like these two organs is representative of the power of intimate relationships that the SACRAL CHAKRA and the WATER ELEMENT represent. The ability to trust and surrender to another allows for flow and increased energy stores.

    If you want to know if your WATER is balanced, answer these questions:

    • In what areas of my life am I exercising strength of conviction?
    • In what areas of my life am I trusting or untrusting?
    • Do I rest when necessary to build up my reserve energy?
    • In what areas of my life do I exercise will power?
    • What motivates me?
    • Am I exercising my creativity?
    • Do I easily share with others or am I reserved?
    • Am I carrying unnecessary guilt or shame around my sexuality?

    Water imbalance can also reflect in the skin: too dry or excess water weight. It's important to know what you can do to control this as well.

    • Are you drinking enough water?
    • Are you taking in too much salt and putting unnecessary pressure on your kidneys to work harder?
    • Are you moving around to move the fluids or are you too sedentary?

    Fortunately we have essential oils that can help with all of these conditions as well as nourishing lotions and body butters, pH balanced soap that won't dry your skin more and bath salts to reduce impurities and water retention.

    Here are more Imbalances of Water and the blends that balance them:

    Yin Excess

    • Timidity
    • Low will power/ drive
    • Decreased sexual desires
    • Poor intimacy with self and others
    • Desire to escape  
    • Lacking creativity
    • Phobias  
    • Inadequacy 
    • Menstrual issues
    • Guilt      
    • Weak back muscles  

    Balancing blends

    • INTUITION (METAL blend)
    • COURAGE (AIR blend)
    • Archangel Metatron (for increased personal power)
    • Archangel Gabriel (for fertility and creativity) 
    • SATISFIED (specialty blend)

    Yang excess

    • Fear/Apprehension
    • Controlling nature  
    • Superiority        
    • Suspiciousness        
    • Shamelessness
    • Paranoia        
    • Fear of feeling      
    • Can be unstoppable
    • Water retention    
    • Strong willed      
    • Low back pain  

    Balancing blends

    • CHILL (EARTH blends to calm)
    • ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL (to release water retention)

    Welcome LET IT FLOW!
    The latest pure essential oil fragrance to the Water Collection.
    FLOW has many characteristics. In fact, it was difficult to name because it does so many things!

    With Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Orange, Lemongrass, Frankincense, Coriander, Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Geranium, this sweet, spicy and heady blend sweeps you away! LET IT FLOW transports you to far way place. It:

    • relaxes
    • rejuvenates
    • stimulates spontaneity
    • stimulates imagination
    • sweeps you away!
    • releases resistance
    • encourages trust
    • encourages a more easy going nature
    • encourages allowing
    • encourages intimacy by lowering defenses
    • stimulates self-confidence

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