FALLing in the mood for change

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FALLing in the mood for change

Are you feeling it?... the energies of change that the season of autumn brings.

The weather may be changing and Fall can feel like the end of the fun with SAAD creeping in, but it doesn't have to be that way. Fall is just a time of change, and things can get even more colorful!  'Tis the season to enjoy pumpkin soup, apple cider, and cranberry sauce... a time to dress up and be anyone we want to be on Halloween...a time for shopping and baking and craft making and the METAL ELEMENTThroughout this article look for the words in blue that reflect the qualities of the metal element so you can learn how to balance the energies that are dominant now. 

METAL is related to CHANGEjust as the leaves change and fall.  If there's one thing that we must get used to it's change. It is really the only constant in life. Throughout the day we go through a multitude of change: from daylight to darkness, weather changes, traffic changes, food changes, emotional changes and physical changes. We must have an ability to flow with what comes, be flexible and resilient. If you RESIST change, you may have more tension in your body and may experience headaches, neck discomfort and lower back pain. Whatever we experience in life gets recorded in our bodies for future reference on how to cope with the changes. We must learn how to make healthy boundaries so that these changes are not so drastic to our equilibrium. This is where speaking up for ourselves is so important and letting people know what we need and desire so that the tension doesn't overwhelm the body and create disease.

METAL IS ABOUT HOLDING ON AND LETTING GO. Are you noticing the sudden impulse to throw everything away and be able to travel light? If you find yourself ditching old food in your pantry or clearing out closets and donating then you are not alone! 'Tis the time of year to 'leave' things behind (pun intended) and free yourself up for the new that may come in to your life. The Metal Element in Chinese medicine is the time for realizing what is precious to you (perfect for Christmas shopping so you don't overspend on trivial things) and for letting go what doesn't serve you anymore. The paired organ meridians are the Lungs (for taking in what's good for us) and the Large Intestine (for letting go of the crap!)

Both organs have their own taking in and letting go process. The LUNGS take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide and the LARGE INTESTINE takes in water and releases the waste and toxins. The LUNGS work harder when we're grieving or under stress. Ever notice how you breathe harder when you're crying or having a panic attack?  When we hold in our grief, our lungs can be oppressed, and lack the ability to take a deep breath. This containment can lead to feeling stuck, depressed, or isolating oneself. It can even lead to bronchial infections. It is so important to express your grief however long it takes and then move on. 

When we let go too easily and not make strong bonds with people, we can experience loose bowel movement just as we can be more constipated when we hold on too tight. When we are in touch with our grief and allow ourselves to feel, allow good to come in and go out, we have a healthier immune system.   

For some, the holiday season can be the worst time of year. We reflect on those we have lost, things that have not yet materialized and resolutions not yet achieved. We can get down on ourselves and get discouraged. And all these emotions are totally NORMAL!  If we didn't feel our sadness, we wouldn't feel our gladness! It's important to not be hard on ourselves, but rather look at the blessings and take stock of what we hold precious going forward. And it is just as important to grieve our losses as well as feel our joy.

The METAL ELEMENT meridians are in the arms, so when you reach out for what's good for you, you're energizing those acupoints. Remember when you are doing all that cooking, baking and cleaning for the holidays, carrying shopping baskets and  wrapping gifts, you are working your acupoints and they too need a little loving care to keep them balanced. A little massage can help release tension in those wrist flexors and paired with a balanced essential oil scent, you're going to find more energy to keep going. 

So at this time, remember:

  • life is fragile and time is precious
  • reach out and connect to someone 
  • take time to take in more of what is good for you and less of what isn't, that includes friends, foods, activities, conversations, financial dealings, etc
  • what you put your focus on you get more of, so notice where you put your focus.
  • take time to breathe
  • try a detox cleanse
  • follow your "gut" instinct as often as you hear it
  • use the balancing essential oils to assist you
  • stay in our own skin, you can't live someone else's life!

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