Openness, one-ness and 5th dimensional reality and Jakki sings Focus on Love

This past year we have seen many senseless and sudden deaths and unfortunate circumstances. There has been much shedding light on old patterns of behavior that just aren't acceptable anymore by today's standards and new empowering positions are being defended. We are evolving into a 5th dimensional reality that demands authenticity and transparency, honesty and integrity. LOVE is the basis of this new reality, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.. 

When we move into this reality in our own lives, it trickles over into those lives whom we touch. There is no escaping it. If it becomes uncomfortable, we will just naturally drift apart. What is called for each and every day is a level of tolerance called ACCEPTANCE. We must also accept ourselves in this new scenario with an unconditional love that we may have never learned but must practice. In this stead, we must realize that not everyone has learned this level of existence. We who have been practicing it must be the teachers. This is what is being confronted every day when we see the great divide in our country over whose way is right, the separatists or the "progressives". 

We are all feeling discomfort right now, but it's important to realize that we cannot live in both worlds forever. So it's time for you to make a choice. Are you able to live and let live and relax and let the Universe (or God) work out the details, or are you needing to see people as different to keep your world spinning the"right" way? The choice is simple: LOVE or FEAR. 

Perhaps you are willing to move toward love. This requires openness, an attribute of the Metal Element. Watch this short video to see how our essential oils can help you relax and let go more and trust that it will all be ok.


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