What Heaven on Earth feels like

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What Heaven on Earth feels like

Some experiences in life are unforgettable.
some are life changing...

This is how I feel about my connections with the Divine. 

I have always been spiritual, feeling a close connection to God as a child, but on my journey to fully understand life, I made some remarkable connections.

In 2006 I had closed my spa business and sought to accomplish all the "back-burner' projects I planned for myself. That process led me to an amazing Reiki healer who taught me about spirit guides, angels, crystal energy, and lots more. I began meditating daily and requesting help from my guides. When asked their names, I heard Jesua and Ezekiel. I learned later that Jesua was the familiar name for Jesus; it was what his family and friends called him. How lucky did I feel!

In 2008 I began creating a community of like-minded spiritual people called the Fellowship of Divine Inspiration. Every Sunday I would meditate and ask for a message for the day from any divine being that wanted me to carry a message. Jesua often came in with a message. I was so grateful, but also afraid of what others might think if I told the truth about where the message came from. I knew it was real, but some may have thought me crazy. So I often kept that to myself.

Then, in 2011
I had an extraordinary experience. I attended a class to connect with angels and at one point I actually felt Mary Magdalene take my hand and turn it upward and put her hand on my heart. I even saw her face clear as day, more beautiful than any actress who every played her role. Later, I was asked to create angel essences to help others connect with them for assistance. I sat and received 8 essential oil blends for the angels that day very clearly. It was amazing! I was very grateful and their scents turned out to be extraordinary, mixing oils I would have never put together myself!

Later that year I began doing lightwork with a small group to send healing energy to the planet. We called in our angels and ascended masters. I called in Jesua on my right and felt a hand touch my side. I knew it was Him. That day, I experienced a peace and sense of love I had never felt. All I can say is that I believe that is what heaven feels like. I didn't want to leave. 

Since that day, I have carried the desire to feel that energy again and have worked to help others experience that same peace through my healing work, oils and courses. I believe that we are meant to feel this heaven on earth and have been trying my best to create this here. The oil blends I have brought forth from these divine beings are part of that vibrational shift that is necessary to experience this peace. I hope that you enjoy them and ask for their assistance on your journey to make things a bit easier. 
All they ask is for gratitude in return.

I invite you to try these oils and ask for a connection and see what happens to you. The Forgiveness Oil is very powerful and useful combined with the Forgiveness Process I lead you through to release deep hurts. The Mother Mary Oil helps you feel calm and supported and the Mary Magdalene Oil instills unconditional love. Call or email with any questions.

Let the blessings flow!

Jakki Gioia

Divine Creations Aromtherapy





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